Free Juniper Virtual QFX 10000 Switch. No time limit.

So Juniper has a free virtual firewall and a virtual router to learn Juniper and to deploy in production environments. But what about learning our Data Center switches?

Well now there’s the vQFX1000 virtual data center switch. It’s a free, virtual version of Juniper’s top of the line QFX 10000 data center switch for testing, learning, and demo purposes. Currently, is it packaged for Vagrant and Ravello virtual environment tools. These are great, free tools developers like to use. The support for Vagrant is limited to Oracle’s Virtual Box for the moment.

Support for Vagrant will be extended to VMWare and KVM hypervisors in the future.

The link download link is below.

QFX10000 virtual version

Also, here’s an older, dated posting related to quickly setting up a Virtualbox/vagrant/Ansible environment and kicking the tires on this. You can download the software either from the official Juniper link above or from the github source link below.

Juniper vQFX setup using vagrant